Globetrekker Couple #1

Meet Alki and Mick.

Alki is a MIT alum from Lexington Massachusetts. Mick is a computer engineer from Brest, France.

A globetrekker to the core, she is certainly no stranger to cultural diversity. Growing up in a Greek immigrant family that valued education and travel over television and fancy cars, she developed a profound curiosity for diverse people and places which lead her to study abroad in Sydney Australia, intern in Bangalore, India and finally to pursue an MBA in Paris, France. Cultural flexibility has helped Alki to make her home wherever she may find herself, yet for years she struggled in Paris to find someone to share this home. The dating scene didn’t seem to fit with Alki’s dynamic and laid-back personality: the French guys she met were looking for someone a little bit more fashion conscious, more feminine and well, less American.

Just when she was about to write off all eligible French bachelors, and move back to the States, in walked Mick. And, well, that’s where our story changed.

Watch Alki and Mick's greatest trek below: