Cabo Surf Oasis

Nestled at the foot of San José del Cabo's palm lined cliffs, a stone's throw from the mega resorts and spring breakers of Cabo, the point break at the Cabo Surf hotel offers an unexpected laid back surf oasis. We first surfed this break back in March, arriving fresh off the descent from San Diego and looking to escape the spring break madness of Cabo. An acquaintance who runs surf excursions in central America recommended the two breaks "old man's" and the "rock" in front of the Cabo surf hotel. You don't have to stay at the hotel to enjoy the waves, in fact we never have - the beach and parking are public access. Last week Thomas spent the whole day working and relaxing at the dreamy beachside restaurant while I enjoyed intermittent surf sessions and a warm outdoor shower. A lovely oasis, indeed.

I've surfed here three separate times since we first "discovered" the spot in March. Every session has been absolute bliss (even with the most uncharacteristically mushy conditions this week) not only because the waves are super fun, but for the chill vibe in the line up. Each time I've surfed here I've made friends of all ages - locals, vanlife/camper tourists that drive here specifically to surf as well as return visitors to the hotel.

On my first paddle out I met two guys from California, now in their early fifties. The bffs have been making a yearly trek down to this spot since the 1990s. After waiting awhile in the line up, one of them gave up his turn so that I would have a chance to take off. When I paddled back out they were beaming and were thrilled to share the stoke. As the magenta sun laid to rest behind us, they shared stories from their escapades here in the 1990s, reminiscing about when there was nothing but white sand cliffs and a shady motel where the luxury surf hotel now stands. Laughing, they reflected on how they've both changed with the break - no longer broke twenty something college buds, but lifetime friends, with families and careers, they meet up every year, now at the surf hotel. Their yearly mecca to Cabo is full of shared stoke, mellow waves and crystal clear water in every shade of blue imaginable. If you find yourself in baja, you might just want to join them.